Our Vehicles

Please note: Vehicles sizes shown are approximate. Specifications of vehicles can change the load capabilities such as dimensions and payload.

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Small Van (2m3)

L: 1.5m
W: 1.2m
H: 1.1m

1 x Pallet 400kg

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Short Wheel Base (4m3)

L: 2.0m
W: 1.2m
H: 1.3m

2 x Pallets 800 – 1000kg

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Long Wheel Base (10m3)

L: 3.0m
W: 1.2m
H: 1.7m

3 x Pallets 1200 – 1400kg

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4 metre Sprinter (13m3)

L: 4.2m
W: 1.25m
H: 1.75m

4 x Pallets 1250kg

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Luton (16m3)

L: 4.0m
W: 2.0m
H: 1.85m

4 x Pallets 700 – 1000kg

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7.5 tonne (30m3)

L: 6.0m
W: 2.3m
H: 2.2m

10 x Pallets 2400 – 2900kg

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17 tonne (45m3)

L: 7.0m
W: 2.4m
H: 2.5m

14 x Pallets 9000kg

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26 tonne (45m3)

L: 7.2m
W: 2.4m
H: 2.5m

Upto 16 x Pallets 15000kg

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Artic (65-80m3)

L: 13.5m
W: 2.4m
H: 2.6/2.7m

26 x Pallet 24000kg

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